Is installing ARTv1 or ARTv2 (on Maya) supposed to be so hard?

I’m new to the Unreal engine. I just installed 4.22.3. Now I’m trying to install the Animation and Rigging Toolkit… On the Unreal website, they instruct to get the Python plugin from a recently installed folder and manually install it on Maya, which alone seems unnecessarily troublesome. To my unsettling surprise, the file isn’t there. After some time-consuming research I found out, as it seems to me, the website documentation is just neglected as the toolkit doesn’t come with the engine installation anymore and has to be installed separately. I then went to the Marketplace, found ARTv1, acquired it, thinking I could soon call it a day and finally go to bed, but no. It says ARTv1 isn’t compatible with the 4.22 version! And there is no updated version of the ART there!!!

I did find the ARTv2 on GitHub, but since that’s not a final version, I don’t know if I can trust it as my only tool. Am I supposed to use it anyway? Should I find and install an older version of the engine? Is there a very simple solution for all that that I oversaw? What a bad first experience with Unreal :confused:

What shall I do?

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Use ArtV2, V1 is no longer being developed.

  1. Download here: ARTv2 — Jeremy Ernst
  2. Copy somewhere on your harddrive like C:\mayatools\artv2\
  3. Open Maya, drag install.mel from that folder to maya viewport.
  4. In Maya top menu to go Windows > Settings/Preferences > Plug-in Manager
  5. Scroll down (or search box for art) and make sure Loaded and Auto Load is checked.

You should have it installed now.

Thanks. Maybe I don’t even need it… IDK. Is it obsolete? As a rigger, what do I need to set up a character for animation in Unreal? Thanks in advance.

How can I uninstall A.R.T.v1 ? It is so annoying !