Is Infinite Procedural Generation Possible in UE4?

A group of some friends are looking into developing a infinite open world survival multiplayer game utilizing procedural generation… We looked at Unity but was impressed by the features with the upcoming UE4. Can you make an infinite procedurally generated world with this engine? For tech purposes we were planning to even limit view distance through fog, including optimizations and other techniques just to have it even possible.

Other games like Dead Linger, Minecraft, and Starforge have infinite worlds that are procedurally generated.

If you can work C++ I am pretty sure you can do it. Blueprint needs a few updates before you can use procedural content with level streaming.

As Zeus said above, if you can program, you can eventually make it work. If you mean with blueprints, I can off hand think of some technical wizardry to “fake” an infinite world. IMO though the best approach would be to lower the ambitions somewhat, instead of worrying about having an infinite never ending world, worry about getting a playable world and increase the randomosity and generation as you create it. Eventually you can take that content you’ve created and use it as part of the infinite generation, if that’s what you still desire. But until you get that all down, I’d just stick with procedural generation within the confines of the level editor, until you have that working nicely. But that’s just my opinion

At this juncture I’d like to jump in and point out that none of the example games have infinite worlds. They have large worlds, but they have hard limits. This is well documented in Minecraft as an example (World boundary – Official Minecraft Wiki).

UE4 supports world re-basing, which allows you to have a potentially infinite space. however there’s no implementation for multiplayer (and doesn’t seem to be plans for it AFAIK), so there’s already a limit in the world size for multiplayer games

I am actually working on random maze generation and i actually try a funny thing which may can help you, like a streaming level but with nothing to do :stuck_out_tongue: : i use a spawnactor in my room blueprint for adjacent room and a destroy when player is 2 rooms far (with boxes). So i have only 2 rooms loaded. Maybe you can do the same, using an array with map/coordinates for known places. I suppose that with right procedure you can simulate a whole spheric world.

hey im trying to learn ue4

i need your help bc sounds like you know how to do what i am looking for… trying to design a top down infinite kill game; just racking up points till ya die. But idk how to make spawn points or semi infinite space… would you be willing to teach me what you know?