Is html5 on UE4.8.1 working?

Hi there,

I’m using the simple version of UE4 (no source code) and, after almost two days of struggling, I managed to figure out how to install Emscripten.

First problem comes here: last available version is 1.30.0. After updating, installing and activating its latest versions, the route suggested in your documentation doesn’t exist. the most similar thing is this one: “C:/Program Files/Emscripten/emscripten/tag-1.34.1”.

Second problem comes when packaging it: Surprisignly the previous route allows me to compile the project, but once done, when launched locally I get this awesomely descriptive error on chrome and firefox: error: script error, and this one when launched remotely: Error: TypeError: Module.getMemory is not a function

You can check it here:

any ideas?

At this point of time, I suggest you best use SDK 1.27.0 or 1.25.0 with 4.8, if possible use the portable installer.

We have listened to the users and with the next release 4.9 - we will be shipping the SDK with the Engine and HTML5 available by default with no configuration.

Will 4.9 release support 32bit Webbrowsers?

It seems that 4.8 only supports 64 Webbrowsers.
Most people still using 32bit Firefox and Chrome.