Is host migration planned at all for UE4?

There are work arounds for host migration but a native implementation would be the best

Someone please reply, no matter where I look, any question related to host migration seems to be ignored…

maybe its just me, but what do you mean with “host migration”?

I have no idea what this is about.


It’s the concept that if the host leaves the multiplayer match, the match doesn’t end but rather the player with the best connection seamlessly begins hosting.

If i’m not mistaken, torchlight 2 have this system in place, but host migration require peer to peer network, which is not how ue4 networking work and i highly doubt epic would do this.

This is something you kind of need to design yourself really, I’m not sure if there’s an engine-wide solution that would suit all projects.

Both Unity and LY have implemented this generically, so it seems both feasible and relevant. When hosting is P2P, and even in a traditional dedicated server setup, this is critical to the user experience. A few years back, you could argue that disconnects were necessarily part of the game, but that should no longer be the case, as there are many examples of strategies to mitigate them.

Is there any update on this for the engine? For my project this would make a world of diference!