Is here a paid support?

Is here a paid support? I already know about unswerhub/forum, but single question/problem may take up to 1 day or even more, in this case learing UE4 become more longer, even when i switch to another thing and encounter another problem there as well. I think it can be more easy to solve simple problem with screen-share and the man who knows enreal engine enough good. I ready pay for every single problem solved or just as subscription option.

If there isn’t i suggest Epic make such service like this:

Epic makes tests for checking knowledge of Enreal Engine to people (UE users, who know it enough good, like help people, have free time and ready to spend it for avarage income) who want join “support team”. Need place where people (who need help) may place their problem and cost for help. Support team need place where they can see these offers, sort them and contact with offer maker. Pay for such sopport service should go to epic for futher
split to 2 peices - the Epic’s piece and man’s who done this task.

There is no official paid support, but some people offer learning sessions over skype -> https://forums.unrealengine/showthread.php?13513-LFW-PAID-One-on-One-Tutor-Sessions-Now-Available!

Another good tutor is Rama (especially for C++ stuff ^^): https://forums.unrealengine/showthread.php?17178-LFW-PAID-Rama-Available-Counseling-Steam-Multiplayer-Code-UI-C-Game-Mechanics&highlight=rama

But normally when you post your question into the forum/answerhub you get an answer within one day. (as long as it isnt something really complicated + on answerhub it takes longer) :slight_smile:

The problem with screen-share/private support is, that your problem is solved, but another one with the same problem wont find a solution on the internet -> the speed of the support grows with every question that people ask in the forum/answerhub, because people can find their answer easily with just searching for it :wink: (best example is UDK -> you can nearly find an answer to everything by just searching for it)

Also, if you’re paying for the service, you expect a solution to your problem, that can be difficult even if the people helping worked on the engine for Epic.