Is Github Repository Still Open ?

I finally found time to learn github source access and followed this tutorial

But although I update my account correctly I simply cannot see Epic Games under organizations in my Github account.

One thing I noticed was account dashboard page of Unreal just can’t get my github user name right. It is Mizugan. With capital letter M. But when I enter my name and update my Unreal Engine account here t says mizugan, with non-capital m.

Could that be the problem ?


Did you follow these instructions carefully: HOW DO I ACCESS UNREAL ENGINE 4 C++ SOURCE CODE VIA GITHUB?

I can clearly see the Epic Game Repos.



Yes I did.

Here is my Github username:


But when I enter the same name on my account, it just converts it to a lower case. Not Mizugan, to mizugan. ???


Okay it must be something with your linked username and/or email address then. Please contact our accounts team at so they can get you taken care of.

Oh it just started working. If you guys did it thanks a ton ! :smiley: