Is GetLastFrameCameraCachePOV really Last Frame's POV?

Hey, guys.
Here’s the problem, the method called “SetViewTarget” in class PlayerCameraManager calls GetLastFrameCameraCachePOV().
When I debug it, It seems that GetLastFrameCameraCachePOV actually returns the frame before last frame’s POV. And SetViewTarget couldn’t runs correctly.
Then I change GetLastFrameCameraCachePOV to GetCameraCachePOV, and SetViewTarget runs well.
So, Is it a bug? or am I doing it in a wrong way?

Hi Yangjingmin,
May be the GetLastFrameCaemraCache doesn’t give you exact last frame, but surely it should return something which is recently in the frame, as its camera cache. I’m waiting for more technical details too.

@Fieol, thanks a lot man.