Is "Get Analog Input" the same as "Get Input"?

Hi, I am currently a noob in UE4 and has not been a week since I started using it. I had been following the video tutorials provided by Epic and now, I got to the tutorial named “Introduction to Blueprints - Using Inputs to Control a Class Blueprint”. However, the tutor previously said that he is using an older version of UE4 and we might get some changes in the version of the engine we are currently using and I had seen those changes. When I got to creating the blueprint for user input, as I typed “input” in the, well, text input, this showed up:
and I can’t find “Get input” as the tutor said. I tried a couple of the functions like “Get Analog value”. Is this the latter the same as “Get Input”. Am I on the right track? If yes, how can I use it stating the fact it looks very much different than “Get Input”.

I’m sorry if my question would be very easy to answer and I am not just exploring but I really can’t find it. Anyways, any help would be appreciated, thanks.