Is Geometry 2.0 Still a Possibility?

Reminds me of Radiant… Linked to a YT clip above, here it is (Sci-Fi scene)

UE4 would be so amazing with Geo 2.0 similar like this and ideas from Quake.

Currently i very slowly build my favorite game multiplayer map example back from 2003 or so but Geo 2.0 would make things lot easier, i hate external 3d software use. It is just my personal project currently just for reminder.

Thats awesome you could try probuilder when it comes to UE4

Thanks for the link.

How long did that take you?

~ Jason

Actually no idea, made this when i had mood, if i zip time then lets say 5 days. I began end of last year.

Geo 2.0 would make building everything even better.

Excited for when that one hits the marketplace.

This sounds like it’s going to be great.

Alternatively we’ve always got this in the meantime: Jason

EDIT: In case anyone wasn’t aware, you can get the Beta of ProBuilder for Unreal for free. Just scroll down and sign up.

I think i personally wait native UE4 Geometry 2.0, i wait as long as it takes. Epic please make it happen.

Wondering about Probuilder’s performance effect though. I rather get Geo 2.0 from Epic than any outsider’s asset, especially being UE4’s native :slight_smile:

A native code plugin works directly with the normal native source code; performance shouldn’t be too much of an issue if the developer has put it together well.

I’ll report back here once I’ve tried it out for a bit (and I successfully get it to run).

~ Jason

P.S. @ambershee, 676 posts in and now you let me know I can multi-quote.

Haha, well, I hadn’t seen you multiposting five times in a row before :stuck_out_tongue:



~ Jason

Sometimes this BSP system acts really weird and loses its shape to default, but slowing down is worst when there are really lot of BSP-s

Trello It is archived? What has become of this?

What about a plugin that auto-imports objects when they are saved from 3dsmax or maya?

It will come when pigs fly,wouldnt get your hopes up

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Look at the geometry branch:…s/dev-geometry

Its still being worked on!

The link throws up a 404.