IS FPS also affected by spawning actors after packaging a game?

I have seen, while playing in PIE, that spawned actors lower FPS pretty fast, as little as 100 spawned actors can cause FPS to drop from 60fps to 20FPS;

Question: is this fps drop only happening during PIE play? or this FPS drop is also going to happen In-game after packaging the game? Since FPS is always faster while playing a packaged game than PIE, maybe it will, since it’s logicall, but not as heavy as PIE or maybe the PC is able to handle it better after this AI´s are destroyed.


I think you emailed me about this related to save system, but save systems have nothing to do with this.
What is expensive is having many actors all with tick enabled at same time, besides the rendering cost.

As developer you must manage your resources well and decide where hardware resources should be allocated, the engine alone cannot decide that for you.

There is always a performance difference between playing in the PIE and the game packaged as a deliverable. It should be noted that performance in an engine like UE4 is no longer measured in FPS as a preference but rather the refresh rate of all elements contained with in the single frame render at the per object level.

This is still the best tutorial as to best practices as to rendering requirements as Unreal 4 is very good at managing performance requirements if you follow some simple rules so the answer to your question is impossible to answer with out the profile data that would tell you the refresh issues inherented as part of the spawned object.

Hi Bruno, yes i did,

That´s right in therms of the ticks, but my AI use only 1 tick, they are not using UE behaviors system, because BT caused my game to run too slow after as little as 50, so i decided to create my own AI 100% BP based (no BT), and evendo they do are complex, they only require 1 tick to work, cool, best practices check my friend

I have tested my project with 500 of these AI, at the same time, already in the scene, and my FPS doesn´t drop much, maybe from 60fps to 48fps (also shooting); instead i have made the same test, but this time spawning the exact same AI actor and just after 100… UE FPS starts declining super fast in PIE, from 60fps to even 20fps, or less while shooting.

i asked this before, and the explanation was, that actors already in the scene, have a lower impact on FPS because they already belong to the map, pre loaded; while actors spawned, have a higher impact because Unreal has to make extra efforts to create them, i have tested this in PIE and its absolutely true; but, i haven´t test this idea in a packaged game, i have only tested BP actors in package, and Fps drops as little as 10% in-game, but now i´m working on an scene, where i need to spawn them and i worry that the packaged game, might have fps problems.

The reason why i asked this some time ago, was because i needed about 1,000 AI actors in one of my scenes (i do use culling technics to hide far actors)… but after spawning 100… fps was already impossible in PIE, (using BT was even worst) and now… i must do it with my BP actors, and i wonder if there is something i could do to fix fps drops, maybe increase something in defaults, well i´m not sure… maybe more culling… slower the ticks.

To be sure that spawning is really your bottleneck, first run profiling diagnostic tools to have a real record of what’s actually going on in your frames.

Thank you very much, i´ll check!