Is Flying Not Working With Launch Character

I’m messing around with Blueprint and recently decided to check out the Launch Character Node.

For the Launch Velocity, I use my Actor Up Vector and Actor Forward Vector scaled by a value and then added together.

The code works perfectly. But when I want to check if the character is in the air/on the ground using the Is Flying node, it just doesn’t work; it always returns false.

For me it works with Is Falling node. I think I understand that Is Flying is used for a different kind of character state, that also need to have the “Can Fly” property checked. Flying is for making characters fly freely, while the “Is Falling” tells you when the character is in the air for any other cause like jumping or falling from an edge.

Just try to replace your Is Flying node for Is Falling and see if it works.

Hey it worked!

I have always used Is Flying to check if the player is in the air. I believe it was also used on an official UE4 tutorial as well.

I had completely missed the Is Falling node last night somehow :stuck_out_tongue:

Good to know it works.
Happy blueprinting!

This is still relevant for actual flying characters though - I have a flying char that gets its Is Flying var set to false after it’s been launched. Since I’m using air friction I can’t use Is Falling, so problem…