Is Flipbook is the only way to create 2D animations in UE4

Its kinda tough to find or make characters like this:

Actually creating animation in Flipbook is easy but making character or finding character is tough. So is there another way of making 2D animation like crating 2D animations in another soft and directly import the animation in Unreal Editor.

Have a look at software like Creature, Spriter, Spine, Flash, SpriteStudio, etc…

Creature and SpriteStudio have plugins to import to UE4, and the others can bake your animations into spritesheets during export.

Michael Noland

Daz Studio can make sprite sheets.

All free of course. :smiley:


I am the dev of Creature here:

The UE4 plugin for Creature has gone through a lot of enhancements lately; I have quite a few of my clients all on UE4 using it right now.
The Creature UE4 plugin is on Github:

Full documentation including video tutorials are here:

UE4 Demo video (shows BP Support):

OTK Games is using Creature in UE4 to do stuff like this:

Let me know if you have any questions.


Hi. Can I control the position of the frame animation with Creature?
I need to animate a 2D char face (the mouth speaking for example), getting the values for the animation from a float, inside unreal engine

This runtime is paid?


Yes you can extract bone transforms directly using the Creature Plugin. That is all exposed in Blueprints.
The plugin is on Github:

The tool is proprietary (paid) but the plugin is free.
In this example, the flames are spawned off the position of the sword extracted using the plugin: