Is filter actors supposed to work this way?

Hello, Iam using “Get overlapping actors” on a box overlap area to filter the enemies from friendlies to inform Ai

“Get overlapping actors” has a class filter for filtering out actors. I have an Ai_Character base class and two child classes to it but the filter always ends up outputting all of them instead of just the selected child class.

Is the filter actors supposed to work this way? As for example to just generally pick all the character classes with their child classes or all the skylights and all the skylight childs and so on?

I made a working workaround in the end but this caused trouble and left me wondering. Thanks for help!


It picks up the selected class and its children, the entire chain of inheritance down the line.
If you put a child as a filter, it will not pick up its parent. But it will pick up that child’s children.

I think that’s the correct and logical behaviour; gives you quite a bit of control.

For some reason it now works like you said and like i thought in the beginning. I have no clue how i messed it first and banged my head on wall with it for 2 hours thinking there might be something on the logic :smiley:

Thanks for help