Is Fallout Shelter/ Hustle Castle / Assassins Creed Rebellion like game possible with UE4

I couldn’t find anything on here. I was wondering if anyone knew if it is reasonable to create a game like these on unreal engine. Im trying to develop my skills by making a simple mimic of these types of base building side-on games and perhaps expand on them if I come up with any great ideas. I can’t find a tutorial on youtube, nothing on marketplace, nor any type of mention of these games in this forum or anywhere else online as it relates to UE4; which has me thinking its not possible on UE4 (or perhaps a level 5 of 5 difficulty rating or something).

Any feedbacks or thoughts

It’s certainly possible as the engine is never the limitation but the users knowledge and skills. However it’s not something I would recommend you doing with UE4 if you struggle finding a starting point. You would have to look and learn other basic things first that are not related to these game types and then later adapt your knowledge.

There are other engines that are more suitable for those type games with much more richer set of features to begin creating these type games. I wont name any as you should do some research yourself and base your selection on the info you find.

Okay, just wanted to get a second opinion. Also, I did see some tutorials for Unity Engine so I know its possible with that engine, just didn’t know if there was a reason why no one posted a tutorial or showed off their own version of it with Unreal Engine

Yes they all are possible. However there is problem of application size. With “big” game people do not complain. But when you make simple game and that game is 200mb people will notice.

So for those tiny and simple games i would suggest something like GODOT engine. Unreal Engine makes sense for something like Dungeon Defenders where you need bigger team to cooperate, have artists that do not want to be bothered with coding, etc. For small games with tiny teams use something that creates smallest package.

Is high file size basically unavoidable with Unreal Engine, or is that more so if you are using stuff from the marketplace?