Is "Execute while Paused" broken?

I’ve been trying to setup a Menu that pauses the game when brought up and can resume when resume GUI button pressed or the original pause button. However it doesn’t work when the game is set to paused, even if I set the controller button to “execute while paused”. Am I implementing it wrong or not understanding it, or is it broken?

i’ve also scratched my head about this. I think in the end i narrowed my problem down to the fact that I was in Input Mode UI only, which disables input from the character controller. Might check which input mode you are in , and it its UI only maybe try Game and UI.

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Good idea. I just checked its have it set to Game and UI. Might have done that by luck as I’m fairly new and following tutorials on youtube. :grin:

Well, I just set the global time dilation to zero instead of pausing it. Works fine except for pausing sound so far. I’ll do this until I run into a problem with it or figure out how its supposed to work.