Is Epic keep expanding/improving BPs?

I know you can do alot of good stuff with blueprints but I havent been keeping up with unreal for quite a while. I was wondering does epic keep improving and expanding the BP system so there are more possibilities or did epic pretty much abandon it? I dont know Cpp but I love unreals implementation of visual scripting and hope epic keeps on improving it as it helps tons of non programmers make their own small games.
I hope epic keeps a good chunk of focus on visual scripting

Bps are core part of unreal i dpubt epic stopped any work on them. Maybe if we get to see some real competition from unity soon with their visual scripting, that would further help push things forward here i think. But then again i dont think epic cares much about that kind of competition, they make more money than anyone these days.


As long Epic continues to develop games with UE4.

Epic is constantly adding more functionality with and connected to the Blueprint system. 4.22 added Editor Utility Widgets, they just did a demo with Variant Management on their youtube channel. The brand new Chaos physics system uses Blueprints.