Is Epic going to release an updated shootergame?

I’m asking because I’m thinking of doing a series of tutorials on expanding shootergame, but don’t want to do that if you guys plan on expanding shootergame yourselves. I’m pretty sure I saw an updated shootergame with a 3D in world UMG version some stream back for instance. I think having a shootergame with more interesting AI using the new EQS system would be cool, but don’t want to do that only to have it all outdated.

Not that I’m after a preview or anything :slight_smile: just wanted to know.

You can download updated shootergame from the learn section of the launcher, they release one shootergame version for each engine release I think

Pretty sure I have the latest version, but I’m sure I saw one on a livestream with an updated UMG based interface and such. So I’m asking about THAT one. Unless they updated it recently?

It will be released when It will be ready. Which means, when people will find time to work on it (;.

Well quite. But I’m just asking for confirmation that its actually a thing and not just my imagination.

I remember it was mentioned in a Twitch steam, they said they were thinking about redoing the Shootergame in UMG. Then in another twitch stream it was mentioned they were thinking about redoing the online system and possibly matchmaking for Shootergame. They could of been in the same stream.

Good news is that your not crazy… unless we are sharing in a group delusion =)

They definitely said on stream. That they plan to update shooter game touse UMG at some point.

I feel like they also said on stream they were moving the online over to the new networking blueprint stuff ? Or am i being crazy.

They definatly did.


So…you’re not being delusional. LOL