Is EPIC going to do live streaming on YouTube Gaming?


I think you mean on their live streaming URL, is nothing more than YouTube with a fancy theme that allows you to search per game title. From the looks of it, the Unreal Engine YouTube channel does not have a live streaming URL setup, though its hard to tell seeing as they aren’t using a custom channel URL.

I’ve wondered about some Twitchers possibly switching, like Epic’s weekly streams or Awesome Allar’s GameJams, but I’m sure any of them did switch from Twitch or do both in the future, they would let us know. Twitch is great, even if it is a bit… twitchy at times. this could make Twich push for better reliability? or maybe it’ll all go to Youtube over time?

There is money to be made by streaming on YouTube, as streams can be monetized, though it would be very insignificant and wouldn’t really matter for Epic Games. I myself am impressed by the layout of the live streaming feature on YouTube, and will certainly be streaming on there rather than Twitch, I really do wish Twitch good luck.

I wish epic moved to do the live streams on YouTube gaming too, twitch is very buggy and impossible to view on a chromecast.
Also the past broadcasts would be immediately available on YouTube for viewing

Well, that’d be bad for German users as YouTube Gaming is blocked here.

Yeah Youtube offers better quality, plus I think EPIC will find more users connected through Google = more views.

Or just stream to both Twitch/Youtube at the same time?

Both would please all sides I think.
So Epic, if you are reading this. Go with Errvald’s idea!

Are you talking about the site, or just all of youtube’s gameplay videos. If it is the second one, that would be kind of a bummer. :frowning:

You don’t need access to to watch streams, is just YouTube with a special theme, each channel has their own streaming URL that is seperate from the gaming subdomain.

Lots of stuff deemed ‘Unsuitable’ is banned in Germany.
Whether it be history, games, TV, anything that does not conform… They will ban it.

I feel sorry for any Germans who can’t play games, because the government bans them. :frowning: (C&C Generals zero hour is a pretty notorious one. They let the base game in, but not the expansion? They said it would cause mental harm do to the game being to closely related to real life happenings… My C&C gaming buddy over there is still sad about it.)

But that’s just my 2 cents of rambling! :wink:

Germany sounds like a sad place to live. lol

The world is a sad place to live! To many rules! :wink:

Just to be accurate. Live-Streams on Youtube are disabled for Germans because of a law for broadcasting, it’s pretty outdated, but formulated in a way that it would prevent live-streaming via Internet, if you don’t have a prooper license for boradcasting. It’s a bit up to interpretation, but google uses a very strict interpretation of that law and just blocks it for Germans. Twitch on the other hand doesn’t seem to care for that law. The question is if live-streaming counts as broadcasting (as in the definition of that law, which is currently kind of blurry now, because the Internet wasn’t really a thing back then)
Don’t really know if it will change at some point, I have the feeling that the majority of people aren’t even aware that it’s this outdated law that is preventing it.
BTW the intention was to make pirate TV/Radio stations via AM/FM illegal.

About the bans. Real bans are actually pretty rare. Especially TV/Movies fall under art, so we don’t have a lot of banned Movies (cases need to be very extreme)
Games on the other hand somehow don’t count as art (the perception iseems to be slowly changing though), but they mostly just get indexed. Which means that you are prohibited from openly advertizing and selling them, this includes displaying them on store shelves in areas people under 18 can enter. Practically stores, especially online stores treat indexed games as banned games and with online DRM it’s even more so. This could be solved if stores would actually include proper age verification, but making such a system just for Germans doesn’t seem to be worth the effort I guess.

Thanks! That does give some insight into some things.