is Epic games partnering with the USA Army and USA Government?? Officially?

I had a question. is epic games officially partnering with the USA army.
according to these news

if any of epicgames official would answer

Hello again.
can somebody please answer? if it would be from Epic officials I would be thankful.
I want to start my career on marketplace and this is crucial for me to know.

The announcement at I/ITSEC seems pretty clear. SoarTech is doing government military contracting, EPIC is not.

Although I can’t quite understand why a partnership or not would matter at all to a Marketplace submission. Is this related to a “I will never work for the US military!” personal choice?

Yeah I am a muslim and I can not work with those who are contibuting to usa military [because they are on war with Muslim countries]

I just want to know the epic games official stand on this:
Do they respect muslims and condemn those wars?
are they helping USA military / government in a way or another?

[This is really crucial for me. I just wanted to work on marketplace and wanted to work with those who respect my religion]