Is dynamic lighting and level loading working at all?


In a general thread I mentioned my experience trying to ship an HTML5 build for Ludum Dare 33.

For the sake of sanity, can someone confirm that HTML5 builds do not support dynamic lighting and/or other level loading?

If dynamic lighting means that mesh is not static but dynamic and light is being rendered on that mesh then I can confirm it works.
I can load levels exported in the game, I can also load levels from paks created by another application.

@Kosmo are you using 4.9?

By dynamic light I meant Light with movement set to dynamic.

No, I’m still on 4.8.3
I have not used dynamic lighting then, I will check it though and let you know.


The supported light types for HTML5 is what would be for mobile devices:

Stationary Directional Light Directional Light with Mobility = Stationary. Best quality.
Static Directional Light Directional Light with Mobility = Static. Best performance (no distance field shadows or sun specular).
Static Point Light Point Light with Mobility = Static.
Static Spot Light Spot Light with Mobility = Static.

Regarding your level loading issue, are you positive that you’ve packaged your maps within the build? If you’re positive that you are, and everything is set up correctly, please submit a question to AnswerHub for additional assistance.