(IS-DS01) Installation on mac os Big Sur, "Data" partion causing insufficient storage issues

Big Sur for whatever inexplicable reason separates the “Data” partition from the normal “Macintosh HD” partition. I have plenty of space free to install unreal engine but whenever I try, the unreal installer sees the 13 GB free in the Macintosh HD partition and decides there isn’t enough free space despite there being over 70 GB free in the Data partition. (error code IS-DS01)

I absolutely loathe big sur as a significant downgrade from previous versions of mac os in many ways but this seems more like a bug with UE4 not knowing how macs operate now. Despite having installed many games through the epic game store without problem already. At any rate, I literally can’t use any version of Mac OS pre big sur since its a new M1 mac, so, please tell me a workaround for this bug.