Is DFAO really slow for anyone else in 4.7?


With the update to 4.7, scenes that had DFAO that previously ran at about 30-40fps in 4.6 now run at 20fps. Is this happening to anyone else? Our game is an open world style game and DFAO was adding so much depth to the scenes. Now it runs at unacceptable performance and I am afraid we are going to have to forget it. Are any performance improvements coming to it in 4.8?

Yes, I saw a performance drop on 4.7.

Post the ‘Distance Field AO’ portion of the ‘profilegpu’ console command log output (it’s in the output window under developer tools). Also have a look at your distance field scene with the Visualize mesh distance fields mode, if there are a lot of objects near each other it will cost a lot.

I can’t think of any regressions in DFAO performance in 4.7. In 4.8 however the MaxOcclusionDistance has been raised from 600 to 1000 which can increase the cost. In Fortnite levels it’s still around 6ms total on a mid range PC (Radeon 6870), which is plenty low to hit 30fps.