Is deleting Assets Impossible?

Hi all.
I had brought some assets from a marketplace pack into my game, and decided to delete them.
Removed everything from level and tried to delete the folders.

I get the ‘force delete dangerous / last resort’ warning. I try everything I can imagine (save / reopen / fix redirects), and it’s the same thing.
I try and force delete, but my project locks up and has to be terminated from task manager.

Searches on the forums bring up possible plugins or ‘rebuilding project from scratch migrating stuff over’.

Am I missing something?

thanks :slight_smile:

If you deleted everything from your level you can try to reopen your project and load in the default scene or an empty one. Then try to delete the folders again. That usually works for me :slight_smile:

.24 has been flat out crashing on asset deletion.

I would suggest deleting the files/folders in explorer or whatever OS.

after deletion open the project and fix up redirection inside content folder (may be superfluous, but worth the extra 10 seconds).

If a level is still using the assets, you’ll get notifications when you publish about the asset not existing.
they’ll also be in the log when you open the level. And you’ll likely find them as empty actors within the list of level assets.

To get the game published and the errors resolved you’ll. need to delete or replace all those references.

@YourDownfall and [USER=“3140864”]MostHost LA[/USER] thanks for the replies Guys, really appreciate that.

For some reason I haven’t been gettin notifications about responses and am just seeing this now when checking my threads.
MostHost - your tips are especially good.