Is Daz3d commercially licensed?

Say I were to use a model (just an example)

would I get the commercial license to release with?

Any advice would be appreciated. Where do they nest the licensing terms of each product or is it assumed that everything is commercial like the UE4 store? With the alternative being some things are commercial and some aren’t like in TurboSquid.

In order to use that 3D model commercially (the actual 3D mesh, I don’t think they care about still 2D images), you would have to purchase the indie license here:

Ok thanks, I’m looking for a place with decent models. $500 is too much for now.

ToxinGaming this page no longer exists. Nor I can find it by doing 3 searches on google. I will make the safe assumption that Daz3d is still not free for commercial use (because that is what I’ve read somewhere, but didn’t believe it, but as always I had to make sure; and be misguided & waste time in the process which is what the original poster probably intended).

You can license Daz assets by purchasing the interactive license which replaced the indie license. The only time you need the interactive license is when and if you need to included the original asset as part of the project as a deliverable Everything else is covered by the normal fair use rights as to rendered elements or what you build as a derivative of an asset that creates new works using what is made available. For example the Genesis base is used in all Daz Original products as the base, which we do, and build your own content and art that works with the Genesis framework.

The trick to understanding is the Daz License is like the current Epic market place where a lot of the art assets depends on the “context” of what you wish to make use of and not so much as to what would be consider blanket licensing of all assets made available to the Daz Studio application. A lot of usable art is available under creative commons, comparable with Epics fair use licensing
Using Daz Studio has and will always be fair use as to pre-rendered elements, like sprite sheets so don’t throw out the baby with the bath water.