Is 'Damage Prevention Channel' not working in the 'Apply Radial Damage' function?

I’m not sure if I’m using the Apply Radial Damage function wrong, or if the Damage Prevention Channel actually isn’t working. My main player can be destroyed, but for some reason the damage isn’t getting to any of the enemies. The enemies are blocking the visibility channel as well, and the enemies are taking the hits when my player shoots at them.

Im having a similar issue where enemies are shielding damage from each other, No matter what the damage prevention channel is set to. I do not believe the node is working correctly.

any follow up on this? also running into this issue

I’m also having the same issue. Has there been any movement on this?

Technically, I get that Visibility as the Damage Prevention Channel would block radial damage, because the meshes of the actors are blocking the sphere trace.

However, I’ve set my Damage Prevention Channel as WorldStatic (which, to my understanding of the channel, should be things like the world object, unmovable walls, and so forth), and I’m still having the same issue as Jechli.

I worked around this issue by using a previously created custom collision channel that I had initially created for a camera boom. I set the Damage Prevention Channel to that and the radial damage worked fine, but this won’t allow for damage prevention by things like walls, floors, ceilings, or barricades without specifically setting each of those to that Collision Channel.

It seems like the “Apply Radial Damage with Falloff” node seems to have more reliable behavior; I got predictable results when I set the inner/outer damage radius and the damage falloff value and using visibility for the damage prevention channel.

If you set the inner and outer damage radius to be the same value, you can get the proper behaviour that “Apply Radial Damage” should have.

I’ve had the issue where I’m setting up an explosion and I want all enemies in the blast radius to take damage. The problem is if one enemy actor is standing behind another enemy actor the hitscan will be blocked and the actor standing behind the other one will not take damage. What worked for me is going into the actor type that I want to take radial damage and unchecking the blocking for the type of damage that exists in the Damage prevention channel.

So my enemy actor that I want to take explosive damage even if another enemy is in the way is a pawn that is set to block visibility. My damage prevention channel is set to visibility I set the enemy actor to overlap visibility instead of blocking it and that made enemies take damage despite if another enemy is in front of them or not.

Hope this helps someone else.


I couldn’t make it work.
Do you have a screenshot of your setup?