Is "CubiMon" to close when it looks so?

Hi about copyright.
I want to use a block like a battery, powering up stuff, and i came up with the following…
But is that to close to mighty nintendo?
At first i wanted to morph the whole thing to a heartbeatsound, but then it is even closer to a pokeball (spheremorph), but when i let only the quads at center morph and pump, and use that name and colors, would it be to close?
Kind regards.

Mate, the lawyers will be on you like a ton of bricks (or cubes, in this case). That is immediately recognisable as a pokeball or what not. :frowning:

However, I am not a lawyer, but if you called it “Cubimon” and have any color except red and white then that would fall under parody or satire and that is (rightfully) protected under free speech. :slight_smile:

Thank you, mhh hard to build a bridge in users brain, when everything is forbidden.

Just change the colours so that the top and bottom is never red at the top and white at the bottom. :slight_smile:

PS. I like the asthetics of your game. Is there a closed alpha to try?

question: are you going to have creatures inside them?, I’m guessing not so they couldn’t really do anything, a pokeball is a very specific thing so if you don’t have creatures in them and it doesn’t look exactly the same(or at least very similar) as a pokeball(which it clearly doesn’t) you should be all good especially if your using it as a power up in your own game that has nothing even remotely pokemonesk in it, they don’t own red and white so they cant do anything to you for using that colour scheme, I mean even if it was round a pokeball only has a “button” on the front where as it looks like yours has a button looking type part on four sides so its still clearly not a pokeball.

No creatures for that cube.
When i look at the cube and would extrude the quadfrontfaces, it would be a roomthing.
Thank you very much, i really hoped to hear something like that. :slight_smile:
Not easy to stay pure fresh.
For Beamsrecherche i found so many cool games, planets 3 for example, with a cubic setting too.
Know planets3 since a week or so.
So many games every month…

I am brave now and will stay with those, but i am willing to remove it out of Beams if Nintendo is contacting me.
Could get no better free advertizing: “CubiMon removed out of Beams game - Ri.I.P. CubiMon - Nintendo gave the order to blow out CubiMons candle”. ^^

Thank you very much. No alphastuff for beams, so far.
First thing for me would be to get a well known Tuber and give him that to play. When ppl like it and i finally get more feedback, then i can make what they want too, but that’s a hard decision.

But there are so many games out and still now, i could use someone to type for me, or writing emails. Time for that is raising.
Should this thing get launched in any way, the supporttime will eat up the creative creationstuff for me, that is not what i want.

I want to have fun with my game. If you ask me, sure an income would be nice through that, but i really hate, which direction gamedev had taken.
All this prealpha kickstartstuff, confusing times.
In the Moment is the Blender + UE4 combination so satisfying for me, even when i am a noob at interfacing and communication.
I like to play it on my own and it’s like a own sandboxie game, where only my knowledge set the horizont. :slight_smile:
Open for anything. Kind regards.

Clever!!! :slight_smile: