Is ctrl + L + mouse for sun move buggy?

Hi folks,

Please check the video below.

In it i create a new level, then do ctrl + L + mouse to move the sun around.

At 0:18 i maneuver the sun so it’s completely overhead.

After which it’s no longer possible to move the sun with ctrl + L + mouse, all that seems to do from that point onwards is rotate the sun around the z axis.

Perhaps this is a bug?

If so, is there any other way to move the sun so i can move it away from 12:00 noon and then use ctrl + L + mouse again?


I just ran into the same thing, it is very frustrating, and help would be great


If there was somewhere in the interface to type in a location / rotation of the sun to move it away from 12 noon in order to “unlock” it, that would be a liveable workaround …but i can’t find it… anybody?

yeah, I’ve been having this same gimbal lock since first integrating the sun sky plugin.
to unlock it, just go to the details of the blueprint and change the time/date/long/lat and that will move it down enough to break the gimbal lock

100% buggy. Always running into this.

The trick to unlock it is to go the DirectionalLight in in the world outliner and change one of the rotation values there, that’ll move it away from 12 noon and you can take control of it again with ctrl + L + mouse…

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It’s still buggy in the UE5 release. Loading a directional light, skylight, atmospheric light through the window → Env.LightMixer. If I go to ‘Ctrl L’ and drag it just snaps the rotation of the light to a random angle once. THen it’s locked. my best luck is to just go into the directional light Rx Ry Rz and rotate that way. Any update on when this will be fixed?

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