Is creating a marketplace character with an extensively modified base-mesh I purchased elsewhere OK?

[FONT=Noto Sans](Note: I did not buy the basemesh from the UE4 Marketplace, I’m pretty sure its allowed to resell marketplace content even if its modified)

Hi, I want to create a marketplace character with a base mesh I purchased online just to speed things up a little and have higher quality, in the description the original creator says it can be used for any kind of commercial project or personal work, the final result will be nearly completely different from the original mesh, (Different head, body shape, new cloths, accessories, weapons etc). I think the only thing I am not making extreme changes to is the shape of the hands. [FONT=Noto Sans]Is it ok to sell content created this way on the marketplace?

In the guidelines under 2. Content Guidelines - 2.2 Legal it says

2.2.c](Marketplace Guidelines - Unreal Engine) Products must not contain any copyrighted or trademarked names, branding, designs, materials, or content not owned by or adequately licensed to the publisher.

I purchased the base mesh and the description from the creator says once I buy it I am free to do what ever I want with it, (commercial or non-commercial). Does that should mean that I have adequate permission to sell content that contains an extensively modified version of the base-mesh right?

You should tell the creator of your specific use case and ask them directly if it is fine with them. Any other way will just be guesswork and could backfire on you.

I feel like this issue can be solved by connecting to the creator directly. Your doubts will erase then. Good luck!

As usual if it really matters hire a lawyer. What you ca nor can not do as to fair use depends on what part of the world you live.

As you described, and since the human form can not be copyrighted, if you make use of the base and create a “derivative” then it would be consider new original works.

There are products that makes use of the human form though that based on their own terms and conditions you are given permission to make use of their base forms to create original works.

Zbrush and Genesis 3 for example come to mind that states with in the terms and conditions that products made off of their base form as a new object or as a derivative becomes your exclusive property.