Is collision detection dependent on the way an actor is moved?

I am having a weird problem. Following setup: The player can shoot projectiles (simple sphere meshes with some effects), upon hitting anything except for the Player, they are supposed to explode and push the other object away if it uses physics calculation. Now my problem is that my projectiles can hit and push meshes that have physics enabled, but simply pass through static meshes. Here’s a visual explanation:

These are the collision settings for the projectile:

And the settings for the cube meshes:

I’ve tried using several different settings on both, to no avail. My player character though can happily bump into everything successfully.
Now I am wondering as to what the problem might be, and my only guess is the way I am moving my projectiles:

When I enable “sweep” for “set actor location” the projectiles actually hit the static meshes, BUT the dynamic meshes no longer get pushed around, because the projectile never reaches it thanks to the sweep.

So what should I do? And what is the preferred method for moving actors around?

Are those static meshes set to “movable”? They won’t move if not.

I think you misunderstood me. They are not supposed to move. The projectile is supposed to collide with them but it does not.

So, for a quick solution, for the ones you do not want to move, set phys to enabled but make them static. That would be a work around.

To confirm, they are meshes, not brushes?

If you change the projectile back to a normal projectile, does it still happen?

If not, I would add the particle effects bit by bit until you find where it is stuffing up.

Is the second particle effective spawned upon hit?

Just figured that you cannot set physics enabled meshes to static, it automatically turns the physics option off (or sets the state to moveable when enabling physics).
And yes, they’re meshes. You cannot set collision options for brushes.
Yes, the second particle effect spawns on hit.
And what do you mean by “normal projectile”?