Is child component a static mesh?


Im trying to create a generic VR program where the goal is to assemble a Product. Right now I have a part with two slots where rings can be attached to. I’ve made it work with one Component but when there are several slots it seems to become complicated.

Im trying to get the overlapping box collision. When it is overlapping I want to cast to the box collision and get its Children. After this I want to get the static mesh children of this Component. Here is where my knowldege lacks. Im trying with a loop to get the elemnt which is a static mesh but can’t seem to find a way to check if it is a static mesh. I need this static mesh to make it unhidden in game later.

Also if i use the get Child Component it wants me to specify which Child index the Component is. This can vary and i wonder if there is any smart way to get a specific Child instead of the index marking in the “tree”

Thank you!