Is cgtrader's wildcat freelancing platform genuine, or could they be making people work for nothing? (update: not a scam but not moving forward with it either)

I usually sell my 3d models on CG trader, a few years ago they created a new, separate program called wildcat that’s supposed to provide opportunities for 3d artists to make some extra cash by creating models on behalf of cg trader for their clients, basically they give you pictures, you make a model they review it and once approved you get paid, or at least that’s what they say on their side. But the thing is nobody seems to be able to get through the review process as far as I know. I gave it a try myself but after picking a task and creating a model I couldn’t even get to the point where they review the model because the automated system kept giving me an error about my models transform not being reset, it’s pretty easy to reset transform in 3dsmax but no matter what I did I just kept getting the same error which seemed really weird to me, so I emailed support they replied telling me to reset the transform, as if I hadn’t already told them that I did that already, so I sent them another message and never got another reply from them.

So I decided to upload a dummy model, a simple brand new sphere created in maya instead of max, it had no transform modifications but guess what, I got the exact same error with this brand new model that had never been modified and was created in a totally different software. So I’m absolutely sure that this error has nothing to do with my model or software cause it doesn’t seem to matter what I upload I’m just gonna get the same error.

I’m restraining myself from posting what I created for them since it’s under NDA, but it took me a while to create. Now I’m stuck with no response and no way of getting past the review process but they have my model. And according to everything I’ve read so far on multiple forum and websites I won’t get through the review process, they’ll probably just mark my complaint as resolved, the dead line for the modeling task I took will pass and that will be that.

Greetings @I_Create_Art, I’m sorry to hear that you’re in the dilemma that you’re in with CGTrader Wildcat! Has it been long since you’ve last contacted their support system? If so, you might have to create another ticket with them addressing the previous ticket you’ve made. I know it’ll be a pain to do, but it may help improve your chances of being heard and receiving the support you deserve. All the same, I hope your hard work wasn’t for nothing!

So after I sent them a stinker they finally responded and asked me to join a secret group so I could get quick responses from other artists. I asked what was wrong and they told me the issue wasn’t the model transform but rather it had to do with system units. So I fixed that, resubmitted and then got another error telling me I had to add 3 more texture sets., which means a lot more work.

My take away in all this, don’t work with wild cat unless you’re really desperate and have no other means. For it to be worth anything you will need to be able to create multiple hi quality models and textures every single day just to get over $1000 per month. I may be in a bad place financially at the moment but I’m not that desperate, I would rather spend a few weeks creating model sets for UE Marketplace and get paid 2 months from now than do wildcat for peanuts.

@Zezkaii thanks I resolved the issue but I’m not moving forward with them.

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In any case, I am glad there was a resolution to your issue! Thank you again for sharing this topic on the UE forums. I’m sorry things didn’t pan out how you would have liked with their service, but your experience will help to serve as a warning to others who might be looking into working with them as well.