Is casting axis mapping possible?

Is it possible to cast the players axis mapping to the enemy so that it will move along with the player. so i do not want to posses the pawn I want the player to control the ai or 2nd players movement(Like a Human Shield) but not take full control of the other Blue Print. is there a better way to control the movement of a different pawn while allowing them the some ability with the character(to struggle against being held or fight out of it) or should i have a different controller that will posses both BP and another Controller that will allow the 2nd player to fight out of the players control. what is the best way to handle this, the only problem i am having is having the held pawn movements be animated when moving with the player. am I over thinking this any help would be appreciated.

In the enemy’s bp, cast to the player and get velocity, then add that velocity to self.
Or just get the input values that drive player movement, and apply them the to enemy pawn the same way they are applied to the player.
whichever works. Sometimes velocity is useless, depending on how you apply movement.

Is there a way to Cast the same movements inputs? because I’ve been looking and have not found any specific way to do this. it seams casting the velocity and plugging it in to the add movement input node does not seem to work.

I reckon it should be possible to add MovementInput to two characters at once. You just need to store their references somewhere (probably in your player controller blueprint).

Or you can save axis output directly to a variable in blueprint and then access this variable from another blueprint. You will still need the reference to one of the blueprints or use casting. With this method you will probably need to use Tick to apply movement.

First idea is simpler and imo - better.