is Behavior tree quick start guide up to date?

Hi there, I just followed (over my same blueprints) the quick start guide like 3 times, and I still have problems (or the result is not the one from the preview videos, also there is no download sample project to test it on).

Like I see there is a rename of a function “is at position” instead of “reached move goal”.

My problem raises that after it start chasing the player, it “never stops” even that the player object to follow is set to None/Null on agro check, after I get far away from the AI it starts where it is located to try to run the right and the left three alternating between them.

My player is a flying thing, so perhaps this is a problem for this setup? because they use move to with an actor instead of a move to vector? (don’t know).

I will try to implement it again with the 3rd person base example and implement it again, but any help is appreciated.

I will also like to know if there is this tutorial for C++.

By the way, just found this one it is about 10 months a go, it isn’t working as specter, guess 10 months a go it was OK?

So I ave setup all like on the example, and it works… the problem I guess was that my player pawn is a flying thing, so this setup I guess is not compatible with a flying thing…

I also could recommend this stuff if you want to learn about BT and AI in UE4:
Basics of AI twitch
Advanced AI twitch
Intro and theory of AI in UE4 by ZoombaPup
Playlist of AI tutorials by ZoombaPup

Thanks I will also go to the referenced sites on the sticky… but first I will solve the problem with my player being a flying thing for this setup.

I will also prefer some extra info for c++ and x code.

Oh sorry, I’ve missed your 2nd message!
Try this

Will try thanks! I guess the actual move to and things like that only work for things that are walking in the nav mesh, if you take the pawn from the flying template, you will see that it never stops chasing…

Here finally I see that “Jump” I get when Im the flying pawn where the AI got stuck (it is the same AI that works with you being a simple pawn, but this time it is the flying pawn from the example)

Captura de pantalla 2015-10-18 a las 9.05.11 p.m. (2).png

Im trying to get the “extra points”, how I can get the bone head?

Actually got “something working” with my player being a flying pawn.

First was to make sure that if no hit, delete the variables (not only the target to follow but also set invalid the last target location)
Captura de pantalla 2015-10-19 a las 11.44.11 p.m..png

Then make room for try to get to the location if there is no player to follow but only target location and finally move to home.

I think there should be a better setup for this, but at less it doesn’t always chase now (even that can’t continue chasing more because the player pawn is far away).

Replace Event Receive Tick node in AgroCheck with Event Receive Tick AI

Ι have problems since yesterday and I have been checking if I have replicated it correctly but still it does not work as intended. After my player’s moves close enough the enemy runs to point 0,0,0 instead of chasing the player even though when debugging I saw that target location updates to my player location value.

Yet inside RapidAIMoveTo the TargetToFollow is set to none set unlike in AggroCheck and I get error: Error Blueprint Runtime Error: Accessed None trying to read property CallFunc_GetBlackboardValueAsActor_ReturnValue from function: ‘ExecuteUbergraph_RapidMoveTo’ from node: AI MoveTo in graph: EventGraph in object: RapidMoveTo with description: Accessed None trying to read property CallFunc_GetBlackboardValueAsActor_ReturnValue

I’m a UE beginner and my player and enemy are set up as in Twin Stick Shooter Tutorial(concerning collision attributes etc).
Also tell me if you’d prefer this posted in another thread.