Is ball physics bad in ue4?

im trying to make golf ball movement in ue4 but randomly the ball will just jump as if its hit something. while looking for the reason why ive noticed other people have had the same problem, but there hasnt been any fix from what i can see. even the sample rolling project sufferers from the random jumping while rolling around.

just wondering if there is any point in continuing with this project. from what i can see the problem has been around for over 4 years with no resolution?

Word. Wanna know about this too.
Seems like something simple that should’ve been taken care of ages ago.

It’s the most voted issue in the bug tracker: Unreal Engine Issues and Bug Tracker (UE-62291)

It’s targeted to be fixed in 4.23, which is probably due to the new physics engine (Chaos) coming. So while currently it’s quite defected, you might see some improvement (or a fix altogether) in 4.23.