Is anyone interested in an SDK that works with the Occipital Structure Sensor?


I am Mike Balzer of ‘All Things 3D’ and ‘slo 3D creators’ and I have been working closely with Occipital to create accessories for their sensor, including an hi-res lens system, cases, and brackets. I have also had an opportunity to work first hand with their tablet game that allows you to walk around in real-time, using your environment to navigate the game. The game was done in SceneKit and results are very interactive. I am taking it to the next level and attaching it a modified VR ONE, iVR, and a clone headset; all modified to allow for the attachment of the sensor. This will allow you to use the iPhone 6 or 6+ as your screen and the sensor as your navigation device – think HoloLens, but available now. Very soon an general SceneKit SDK for the sensor will be released along with the game in the app store. If anyone is interested in seeing an SDK for the Unreal Engine to allow you to use the sensor as movement controller for your game or VR environment, please contact me.


Mike Balzer
slo 3D creators
All Things 3D

Hi Mike,

I am very interested in this idea. I have the Oculus DK2 and just got my Structure Sensor. I ordered it after seeing their S.T.A.R. Ops demo and have been having fun using that with my Ipad. I am interested in attaching the SS to the Rift to provide 6 degrees of freedom to use to walk around in a Unity 4 based simulation/educational app. I know the Rift is “tethered” to the computer right now but thinking long term where it may be more portable? Also can’t wait to get a hold of the HaloLens when it comes out.

BTW, I went to school at Cal Poly and my daughter is up there now.


Hey Mike,

This is Jakrey from Volumetryx (also ProMobility). We have bought some of your products and we follow your youtube channel. I love the work you do. We are currently tinkering around with Rift and Structure for uses in Prosthetics design and education. Can you please send any advice and the SDK to me? Does the SDK include hand tracking at a minimum? I was looking at getting a leap motion, but would certainly like to use structure since we already own a few.
I just started working with UE4 a few weeks ago, but I have a background in various programming languages and 3D design softwares.

Thanks in advance!


Did you release the SDK to get camera tracking from Structure sensor into Unreal? What is the latest? Is their a depth map as well?

+1 Is this in UE4 yet?