Is anyone else experiencing a very small deadzone in the lower right hand side cornder of the screen?

I have a button on the lower right hand side of the screen, but it has a few spots that don’t allow for the button to be highlighted. I thought it was an issue with my setup somehow, but I created an entirely new project and set up a simple button widget to be spawned in the HUD to test. When the mouse isn’t over it, it’ll be white, and when the mouse is over it, it’ll be orange.

This simple button for the HUD allowed me to move the mouse around and see if there’s anything weird going on with a 100% new project running on 4.18.

The image below will show two very VERY small strips in the lower right hand side that are blue. I put these in to show roughly where the dead zone is in the HUD for me. If you set up the button the same as I did, your button should turn white when it’s over these two strips. They are very small, only a few pixels wide, but when a button is tucked away in the corner it can cause issues.

Thanks in advance!