Is any way to improve performance os the Media Framework? 4.24

Hi everybody?

I was wondering if there is any way to improve performance of the Media Framework. Specialy there are many problems on slow PCs without dedicated GPU and Macs.
The most annoying problem is audio synchronization, that is not accurate at all.

Fast forward doesn’t work too, it lose the synchronization very much.

I follow the tutorials available (and many others but it is always the same), the problem is not my implementation. I open the videos from blueprint (but tested on level blueprint too)

I found the FFmedia plugin here: GitHub - bakjos/FFMPEGMedia: Unreal FFMPEG Plugin to support more video formats and alpha videos
But wasn’t able to install it. Don’t know how to do it. Putting it in the plugins folder and activating it in the editor produce errors, with 4.23, but also with 4.18 and 4.19.

Any of you had those inconveniences? any solution?

Videos are very important in my project and don’t know how to resolve this.