Is AMD Graphics On The Ropes?

It is quite concerning to me that the much-vaunted “special inside look” into the AMD GPU roadmap for 2016 features better… tonemapping. :confused:

…Yes I’m an Nvidia fan but healthy competition is always good, hence my concern with AMD CPUs and GPUs. Pundits should note that AMD GPU purchases, prior to Maxwell, have also been strongly driven by cryptocurrency mining, but Maxwell equalises that playing field so AMD CPU has got to go against 14nm Intel Skylake, Kaby Lake etc. and AMD GPU has got to go against <20nm (AFAIK) Nvidia Maxwell, Pascal, etc. CUDA for better or worst is still ahead of OpenCL and only gaining lots of momentum.

As for ARM that will now start to chew on the bottom end of things but Nvidia is already poised with K1 and X1 plus tons of competitors with their own GPU solutions.

I am quite concerned about AMD at this point in the game. They have always presented reasonable or very good alternatives to Intel and Nvidia but this tussling match, much enjoyed in the past, may be coming to a one-horse-race.

A healty competition help us… maybe if they try to make the quantum computer available to users xD they can compete in comuting power with highers nvidias…

Just my personal opinion :P.

It’s kind of weird, but AMD GPU’s are actually pretty good and competitive, but it hasn’t helped them to turn things around. I would never buy an AMD CPU at this point, but their GPU’s are pretty good though I still prefer Nvidia.

AMD are okay at their respective price points, and this is where they compete, but in terms of raw performance Nvidia are leaving them behind; the top end cards like the GTX980ti don’t even remotely have an AMD competitor - the R9 Fury seems to only clock in at about 2/3rds as capable in most benchmarks, and that performance is matched by the older GTX780 (which can be had cheaper).

If AMD don’t step up their game over the next five years or so, the ever-increasing performance margin may well see them becoming obsolete.

Edit: This might put it in perspective a bit:

Hopefully, the GPUs will do very well. Nvidia has well-documented problems with some of the DX12 feature-set. The die-shrink will be the same as Nvidia’s, which should solve a lot of the heat problems.

I’m a Titan owner, but we need AMD to stick around. I’ve no idea what will happen with the Zen CPUs, but things are looking more hopeful for their GPUs.

Far far long ago in far far away country i was once AMD fan (7200PRO), but it changed since, I tried NVidia (for SLI), got disappointed by whole SLI buzz, but i switched over to NVIDIA. And I do not regret. Lunax played major role in this switching and AMD was horrible at supporting it, and for noob in lunax compiling kernels to get AMD working was a bit too steep.

So I really hope AMD will survive and put competition for nvidia and intel (esp intel), but for now i am staying with intel and nvidia.

I just skimmed over the article, But the tone mapping part sounds nice.
It seams they are working on a higher bitdepth (front) buffers for use with wide gamut displays.