Is a save slot persistent thruought the game?

Im having trouble, all the variables in my save game seem to be resetting when i exit and enter a level. I am only using one save slot as the game dosent need multiple ones.
If i load game from slot and use the same name and index why does it keep resetting between levels?

Once you have used the Load game from slot function, use the blue circle to drag off a pin, then type ‘Cast to “your save game class”’ with this you should be able to pull variables from the save file and set them to the correct variables in your blueprints

Thanks for the reply. Im restructuring my save functionality to go via my game instance atm. I assumed the save game class was persistent. But i found a tutorial where they go via the game instance.So im keeping all my variables in game instance while the game is running. When i start the game i load the variables from my save file to game instance, and when i exit i trasfer the values from game instance to the save game file. Hope it works :confused:

That should definitely work. Your game instance variables do not change when you load a new level/map, they will reset when you restart the game however