Is a NVME SSD worth it for Unreal Engine?

Hey guys,
I will soon buy a new computer because my PC just does not have enough power. But I’m not sure if I should buy a m.2 NVME ssd or a normal Sata SSD. According to the Internet, NVME SSD’s are only wet if you work with programs that load and save continuously from the data store and also consist of big data. Now my question: Do you notice when working with the Unreal Engine 4 and a strong processor a difference between an NVME and an SSD? Regards :slight_smile:

Hey,i know this post is too old but since
that was also my question i share this , maybe helps somebody.

this link can be helpful :

i noticed 2 things reading that:

1 - Newer CPUs work better with nvme ssds…and since it offers at least a 16 threads cpu , i think nvme should be a choice.

2 - the main difference with nvme will be seen when working with big data like first time builds,shader compiling…

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Amd yes SSD and nvme (As many as slots for it) it:

"this is the way."