Is a i3-6100 enough

I know this cpu/gpu combo isn’t typically meant for high end work, but I’m looking for 64gb on board motb and ddr4, so given I know its not technically a quad core tho with Ht, will it be enough with 16gb ram and a gtx 950 2gb ?

I 'm wanting to upgrade on a budget atm, hence question.

I also want possibility of upgrades and atm doesn’t seem great at that, and I’m sure am4 isn’t out yet.


I think it will run really nicely on medium-high settings, I used a cheap laptop for unreal engine and it could run most things on high and some things medium 60fps so go for it ! :slight_smile:

TY for answering, but I"m wondering, did you only do ‘2d’ stuff which is fairly LIGHT, or 3d also ?
I have to upgrade my current rig as I need more ram and my mobo max’s at 16gb, but my budget, atm,is limited so a 6100 while hardly ‘ideal’ and technicaly not a quad as ue4 recommends, would be a temp fix if ‘3d’ work doesn’t cause terrible lag in terrain mode, which is what I dev atm anyway.

The question is does ue4 ‘see’ the 6100 , with its 4 ‘threads’ as ‘cores’ ? If so I might be ‘ok’ for a time…