Is a First Person 'Pacman' style game possible with only kismet?

First off, I must say how relieved I am this place exists. I took a 2 year break from UDK and had a heart attack when I saw the old forums were closed. ;~; I’m glad you guys didn’t leave me~

Anyway, I found my original files i backed up from years ago when I was teaching myself how to use UDK which I thought I lost forever. (Which is why i stopped) I was thinking about doing a simple FPS pacman style of game since it seems easy enough, but one part of UDK i could **NEVER **get used to or learn was UnrealScript, so I was wondering if it could be done with little to no scripting.

I know I should try things I don’t know how to do so I can learn them, but I’m rusty as hell and want to get back in the groove of level design and Kismet. Maybe even try to make some 3d models or animating. If it can be done with only Kismet or little/basic scripting only, please let me know. Thank you. c:

It won’t be as slick as using UC, but yes its possible. A good prototype anyway. I’m talking about single player here, but even LAN multiplayer is possible in some specific circumstances. However there’s a few caveats too. The AI / Navmesh options needed to move the ‘ghosts’ in Kismet may not cut it. If so, you may have to resort to other options. 1. Interpolate the movement yourself using your own tracing / pathing system (Set Actor Location / Teleport etc). 2. Reskin a UDK vehicle (set physics to flying and impart a velocity to make it move etc)… Anyhow, good luck!