Is 4.7 preview able to launch or package?

Hey I am trying to package/launch the basic fps project out on windows and android. But I keep getting a failed launch when I try either of those. My output log is attached if anyone is interested. I want to find out if it’s me or the 4.7 source thats messing up.

As a matter of fact, I was able to release a demo to my audience during preview 2 or 3. But now after a week of development, under Preview 4, I’m getting a Launch Failed with no clear description of whats causing the error.

The project is completely blueprint, so there is no error from C++.

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Same here, I have been unable to build anything using 4.7pre4.
Is my problem similar to yours?

It was just a previewer. I think have you ever try to success export it with 4.6. if you success with 4.6 shouldn’t be matter on 4.7.

I am able to package with ios with 4.7. No idea why you can’t do it. I just re-download it and it does working better with 4.6 as well.

And I just finished package with window 64bit as well. It does running very good. Here is the photo.

Did you set the FPS to 30? I just got to set it 60 have same thing which is same error?



The end of the log is slightly similar, but I’m definitely seeing a lot of “Unexpected Errors” in the report which looks to be a lot more traceable than our “Build Failed” with no conclusive evidence that is causing it. :confused:

Robot1, this is a stretch, but by any chance do you use a Splash screen image in your project?