Is 2k textures too big?

Hey, so i noticed that my game only got about 30 fps when im running in fulscreen in the editor.

Now, my computer isnt very fast but still. i have set a short render distance for all type of foliage and actors and models, stil i only get like 30 fps in fullscreen and 40 - 50 in window mode.

Is it possible that its the textures? i make all of my textures my self and almost everyone of them are 2000 x 2000

Is that too big? or shouldnt that be a problem?

Thanks in advance! :smiley:

Of course it can drop fps. Google some information about texel density. Maybe it’ll help you to figure out your question. Sorry for my English)

im not sure if texel density is what i was looking for?

There are some things to look at when trying to fix fps problems. 2k generally isn’t a problem. How complex are the materials? Shadows can be a major problem. Try disabling “receive shadows” on all objects that don’t really need them. While previewing your game and editing, what not, lower the graphic quality, this won’t affect the cook when you build your game but will let you see the performance. Go through the profiling and you will see which assets are hogs.

Okay so did not find anything called Profiling? i did find something called GPU Visualizer, dont know if that is waht you ment or not but.

The GPU Visualizer showed me this:


But i dont know what Static Opaque or Render Velocity means?

under the windows tab, click statistics. This will list many things like each mesh and how many instances of it are being used, totat tris in scene and also lighting build info, texture info like size of textures and how much memory its using