Is 16GB RAM enough for UE4 in optimal performance?

Is 16GB RAM enough for UE4?I am gonna work in an open world game, so I need optimal performance. Is 16 GB enough?

Yeah, that’s fine

It is fine, but RAM will be the limit on how many things you can have loaded at once. A big project might need more RAM and as example is the Epic’s The Boy and hist Kite which needs you to have minimum of 24 GB installed to load and execute properly while in the editor.

I upgraded from 16gb to 32gb and it was much needed. I actually hit a limit with 16gb because of multiple chrome pages open, UE4 editor, 3dsmax, Maya. If you are going to do modeling as well and texture painting I would say 16gb is not enough if you want to use your pc normally while multi-tasking.


Plus, you need to run multiple Unreal Editor sessions from time to time.
To migrate stuff over, or review old versions to see what got broken etc…:slight_smile:
In short, 12-16GB is quite workable, but its still a long way from optimal…

^This Again^

With auto update, live update, and data smith 16 gigs is not enough for a comfortable editing environment.

I am about to upgrade my 16GB to either 32 or 48. As my 2x8 pieces are already taking up 2 slots from the 4, how much would you recommend getting the 32 instead of just 16? I know, more is always better, and I can later swap my 2x8 out, but still. I am complete beginner and my priority is on environment creation (vegetation, some architecture). I don’t think I would jump at the MetaHuman app just yet (but of course I can’t tell how fast I will progress and how my appetite will change). I do have the funds for both, but of course I could put the difference into buying a stronger CPU for example, or my motherboards is also slowly ripe for a retirement…What do you think?

It is very hard to give Hardware advice not knowing details about specifics:

  • some motherboards even with 4 slots can hold only up to 32 GB (in case it is very old), majority hold up to 64 and new AMD boards x570 can hold up to 128 GB.
  • if it is old it is possibly using DDR3 memory sticks instead of DDR4, so you need to double check before purchase
  • memory stick speed is important, and sometimes depending where you live the more the speed higher the price. If you have 2666MHz speed, and you purchase a faster memory, lets say 3200MHz, the system will make the last one run at the lower speed. It might mean in the end, some more or less money saved.
    **Important: **always have the motherboard documentation in hands.

About the choices, more memory will always benefit, and sometimes helps more than a CPU upgrade. GPU and a fast SSD is extremely important as you start to work with large assets or larger projects, so hands-down the priority on upgrades would always be: memory, SSD, CPU and GPU. The price for each one bumps a lot, so you can measure more the benefit of an upgrade expending less at first and knowing you are OK purchasing expensive items later.

Thanks a lot! That is very useful information, in fact I was convinced first one is CPU on that list. I will go for the + 32GB and start looking for an SSD drive. (I forgot to provide the specifications you mentioned, and then it wasn’t possible to edit my post for a while). My motherboard is up-to-date, and I am using 3200MHz memory sticks: Corsair Vengeance LPX on a Gigabyte B450M DS3H.
Motherboard: B450M DS3H (rev. 1.x) Key Features | Motherboard - GIGABYTE Global

Your clouds look great, will keep that one in mind for later purchase!

Thats a great mobo. I have purchased a 450 one for my wife’s computer last week with a Ryzen 3600XT with 3600MHz memory and it is rocking solid. It gets 9312 points on Cinebench for multicore performance, which is quite good.

My personal setup:
8 core/16 threads CPU
480GB SATA SSD for OS, Photoshop, and other small tools
1 TB HDD for UE4, Quixel, Visual Studio, and all the large tools remaining
1 TB NVme SDD for project files and GitHub files
1 TB HDD to accommodate projects I am not working on anymore (I move the files to the NVme whenever I need to work with them)

My future goal at max 2 years:
16 core/32 threads CPU
128 GB RAM
480GB SATA SSD for OS, Photoshop, and other small tools
1 TB NVme SSD for UE4, Quixel, Visual Studio, and all the large tools remaining
2 TB NVme SDD for project files and GitHub files
GPU with at least 16GB VRAM