IS-0005 Error

Im trying to download unreal engine 4.27.1 , my computer was downloading but its stuck now at 61%. it says in orange in the downloads tab “We’re Sorry. It looks like you have trouble connecting. We’ll continiue to retry” when i click on that orange text it takes me to the epic games website and shows me the IS-0005 error, my internet is fine. does anyone have a fix?

IS-0005: Unable to connect - Epic Games Support
which links to Troubleshooting Connection Issues - Technical Support

Yes i have

Please tell me how did you fix that error @Togonaaa .

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I had the same problem. I think it may have been because I had 4.26 installed on my C drive, and I was trying to install 4.27 on my D drive. I removed the failed 4.27 installation and changed it to install on C and it worked.

Hope that helps somebody.