Irregular stuttering

Hey Guys,
i hope you can help me out.

I try to make an infinite scroller for mobile and run into stuttering in editor and on any device (iOS/Android).
My meshes and materials are all optimized for mobile, i only spawn actors at the beginning of the game (33 in total) and place them by code so it has that infinite effect.
My gamemode handles all that “where is chunk x, place it there” and rearranging of the elements stuff. My character is standing still and i move everything inside the gamemode tick event cause everything should move per frame.

The framerate it actually stable and at 60FPS on high end devices but there are irregular stutterings while the game is running. They are even happening in the editor and my mashine has some good specs.

Maybe any of you guys has an idea where the bottleneck is happening or if its engine related.

Thank you!

what are your PC/mobile spec? Also What engine build are you using?

I’m using engine version 15.3. Mobile specs : Nexus 5 and Nexus 5x. PC specs: i7 7700k, AMD rx 470, 32Gb RAM.

Best to start with running a profile and see where the bottlenecks are. If the stutters are consistent should be fairly easy to track down the cause.

Thank you for the reply.
Sadly the stuttering is not really regular. I already tried to profile the game but to be honest i have no clue what the shown details are standing for.
The documentation is not really helpful for me cause it shows how to profile but not how to evaluate the given data.

Any tips are welcome.