Irony Of Nightmare

Description You found yourself in a big empty house. There is Christmass lights around here but no friends or family.Why you all alone? And… do you really alone?

In the Irony of Nightmare things aren’t always as they seem. Those who decide to solve all puzzles of the game, not only will unravel true secret of house, but also will open completely different ending of the story. Feature list

  • Plunge into atmosphere of Christmas horror. If you are looking what to play in holidays — Irony of Nightmare is a perfect choice.
  • Feel the loneliness. There is only you and uninvited guest in the house. And soon he will catch you.
  • Explore dark and unsettling rooms in search for answers. Hidden messages and puzzles will help you uncover secrets of this strange place

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Hurray, our game went to Steam. Now we are happy to announce the release date!