Ironbelly's Animated VR Bow Pack


We are super excited to announce the release of our VR Bow pack after many months of improvements and review. This pack includes all of the functionality needed to test out and use these 3 bows in a VR and we’ve included our AAA quality VR hands for free.

This is nice, but I wouldn’t buy it unless it had a few poses of the bow slightly bent when it’s fully drawn (for use in a 1D Blendspace), otherwise it ruins immersion a bit as alot of the elastic potential energy comes from the limb(s) of the bow.

Thanks for your feedback @Fabsterpal , that is something that we’ll look into.

Greate work ironbelly!
Do you have any idea how i can integrate the bow in the vrexpansion?

Hey @Sleepy32 we haven’t tried to integrate it, but I’d reach out to the maker of that pack and ask them!