Ironbelly Studios Medieval May SALE

**This week only all of our Medieval Weapons are on SALE! Head over to our Store Page! **

Check out Ironbelly FPS Weapons In Action in these projects:

PlayerUnknown Battlegrounds:

**Onward: **

We’ve put all our weapons on sale before, but this time around we’re working on some new updates/ animations for all of the modern weapon packs so this could be your last chance to grab these guns for a steal! Fill yer boots!

Store link:

Have you checked out the MP5k lately? We’re updating our portfolio and she is sure looking pretty these days! You can pick one up for 30% OFF this week…what are you waiting for?

Just using the same thread here, instead of starting a new one for the new Sale this week! All of our Medieval Weapons are discounted! Making a game set in the days of lords and ladys? You’re in luck!!

This Hand Crossbow is included in the sale this week. Take a swig of some ale and** head on over to our store**]( for some medieval savings!

Two more days of savings folks! Arbalest your way over to the store today!